26 02 2008

Most of the time I’m just an ordinary person. Just living the best life I can; working, DIYing around the house, ferrying the kids to and fro, sorting out the car, cleaning the bathroom, cooking an evening meal, dealing with the minutae of daily life.

And then there are times when I am somehow more … awake, more conscious of things around me, seeing things differently. These can be moments when I am surprised by something; a beautiful tree, the irridescent shine of a beetles wing, a bird singing. It is usually something out of the ordinary that stops my breath with awe or wonder or perhaps just makes me lift my head and notice it.

Or they can be moments which I consciously create. For example, if I simply breath slowly and deeply, soften my eyes, notice how I’m feeling and reflect on things I can easily drop into a state of waking meditation, a state of heightened awareness and creativity.

During these times I feel different; a warmth in my chest, a tingling up my spine, a lightness and ease. Often my eyes grow moist. I feel ‘big’. If I really let the feelings develop my chest feels fit to burst.

What is happening to me in these moments? I could just shrug it off and say that it’s merely that my mental state is affecting my physical state. But, although I believe that is largely true, I can’t help thinking that a part of ‘me’ that is neither physial nor mental is at play in this.

This is a question that many others have tackled since the beginning of human history. Is there a spiritual dimension to a human being? And if so, what is spirit? These are questions to which I have never really got a satisfactory answer.

Exploring the answers to these questions is what I intend to do with this blog.


First Post

21 02 2008

My name is Phill Jenkins and this blog is about me; my journey; my life. A diary, a stream of consciousness, an Artists Way daily page (or almost daily). It’s an exploration of what it is to be … me.

It doesn’t really matter if no-one else ever reads it.

Last night I was on team for the first session of a course, The Power Of Purpose, taught by a local More To Life‘mentor’. It’s a course about finding and living your life’s purpose. I’ve taught it myself, several times before, but since moving to Manchester I thought it would be a good idea to refresh my understanding of the course material by being on the support team.

Just in case someone does read this, I stress here that this blog is not in any way an official More To Life blog. I do not intend to ‘sell’ More To Life, or it’s courses, or ‘evangelise’ about the More To Life programme. The opinions expressed herein are my own.

The mentor has asked that the team simply participate in the course material wherever possible. It’s a small course and so there’s not much support required and I’m able to do almost all the exercises and be very much ‘in’ the course.

And it’s got me thinking. Thinking about what I want from life; what I want to create; what I want to do and be. Thinking about what my purpose in life is. And this train of thought crept in to the title of this blog.

I see these questions as being of fundamental importance, and not just for me. Many people are struggling to understand their purpose on this planet. To know, not just theoretically, but in their heart, why they are here and what they can do and be to fulfill their purpose in life.

I am not a religious person. I don’t go to church nor believe in the Christian God. However, I think that seeking the answers to these questions is a spiritual quest. A journey, exploring what it is to be a human being.