The God Question

13 03 2008

Why do so many, with so little evidence, believe in God? All around the world, there are millions of people who believe on one level or another that God exists. They often visualise God as an old man with a long white beard who resides in ‘heaven’. They go to church or the mosque or the synagogue. They worship God. They believe that a book holds his words and base a huge part of their culture and social systems on what that book says. They believe that their beliefs are the only true beliefs and from that stance create vast human misery and suffering.

Right now, I don’t believe in any of that. I don’t believe that there is an entity, call it God, or Allah, or whatever, that exists independently of the universe and that created us and loves us and nurtures us. Nor is it listening when people pray.

I was challenged recently by a commenter (mormonsoprano) to this blog to start a practice of daily prayer to God. I was assured that if I was sincere he would listen and if I listened out for it I would hear his answer. I have though long and hard about this challenge and concluded that I will not do it, mainly because I will find it impossible to be sincere; how can I sincerely and without hypocrisy talk to an invisible supernatural entity which I do not believe exists.

Mormonsoprano says that when she prays God answers. I believe that she prays and then coincidentally something happens and that she puts a meaning on that event; namely that God did it to answer her. This naturally reinforces her belief in God.

I don’t need God to give meaning to my life. I am quite capable of doing that myself. I am self-conscious and have the power to make choices. I can choose my purpose.




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15 03 2008

There are no such things as atheists. Although for some this won’t be realized until they are forever lost in loneliness and terror. Some that are truely ignorant may not go “there”. If you have the time, read the 2 chapters on “inner feeling” and “existence of God” on the Blog, Society under Siege.


15 03 2008

Hi Joesephudo, sorry but I’m not sure I understand you.

Are you saying that I don’t exist? I assure you that I exist and I am an atheist, in the sense that I do not believe in the Christian God.

Are you implying that atheists are lonely people? Once again I assure you that I am far from being lonely. I count myself a member of the human race, and in my quest to be true to who and what I am I am supported by strong and often deep connections with many family and friends.

Where is the “there” that the truely ignorant may not go?

I am interested but I can’t find the blog “Society under Siege”. Can you give a URL?

30 03 2008
Here it is. Sorry I did’t answer but I was away. But you don’t have to agree. The universe is defined as, “everything that exists anywhere”. We are part of the universe as are the birds, the insects, the trees, everything on earth, and everything not on earth. Most plants and animals start with a basic living cell or two and quickly build cell upon cell until some sort of creature or structure is formed. If we want to examine the smallest complete structure known to man, it is the atom. Atoms are so small that no microscope will ever be able to fully visualize them. They join together and form other structures called molecules. Molecules then form together and form compounds. Compounds join together and so on until things like cells are formed. Everything in the universe has a “common thread”. The planets in our solar system orbit around the sun in a similar manner as electrons orbit around a nucleus in an atom. A simple dandelion can be at grass level in the evening and the next morning be several inches above the grass; millions of cells grow overnight. Every day a bird will leave its nesting area and fly far away in many directions to seek out food and water only to return by sundown, without a map or compass. Some birds fly thousands of miles from their home and later return with only an inborn navigation system that guides it. Some animals have a super sense of future weather or can sense treacherous earthquakes and even sense oncoming tidal waves. Dolphins and killer whales have been known to aid men who were lost at sea. Spiders build webs that are structurally baffling to engineers. Some penguins bear their young in temperatures tens of degrees below zero. A thousand pound bear can easily outrun any man. A plot of soil can produce many forms of plants year after year for many thousands of years with only the aid of the sun and rain. A bumble bee can flap its wings hundreds of times a second. But a tiny insect called a midge can flap its wings over 1000 times a second. One of the fastest insects, the dragonfly can fly over 60 miles an hour. A roach can fit through a space in the wall as thin as a dime. As amazing as these beings are on earth, more incredible is the earth itself and all the heavenly bodies that exist in the Cosmos. The earth is so heavy that we can’t imagine its weight. It is about 6,500,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons or in scientific notation, 6.5E+21 tons. It is over 7900 miles in diameter and is 91 million miles from the sun. That’s small compared to some of the planets but large compared to others. The sun itself is 330,000 times the size of earth. It’s a good thing the earth isn’t too much closer to the sun. The temperature of the sun is a toasty 9932 degrees F. To get an idea of the size and distance of the earth compared to the sun, imagine the earth represented as a spec of dust and the sun represented as a golf ball. And if the spec of dust is a mile away from the golf ball; this is a fair representation of the distance between the two. The planet Mercury is only 0.6 times the size of the earth and has a 3,000 mile diameter. Mercury is 28.6 million miles from the sun. Uranus on the other hand is 14.5 times the size of the earth. Neptune is 17.2 times the size of the earth. But all of these planets and our sun are almost a measureless mass of rock, water, fire and gas compared to what else is out there. The earth and other planets revolve around the sun and fit into a solar system. So far, scientists have discovered about 70 solar systems. It’s difficult to see or “discover” solar systems because they are systems of planets and a star. Our sun is a typical star. Planets don’t emit light on their own but reflect light from a nearby star. Imagine how big a solar system is and how long it would take to travel from one end to the other. Solar systems fit into galaxies. Galaxies are large systems of stars and interstellar matter (like comets and asteroids), typically containing several million to about a trillion stars (like our sun). Each star can be separated by millions of light year’s distance. A light year is measured as the distance it would take to travel a year at the speed of light. The speed of light is 186,281 miles per second (that’s 670,611,600 miles an hour). And the distance of a light year is 5,878,000,000,000 miles. By the way, it’s impossible to travel at the speed of light since only light can do that. Once you’ve imagined how long it would take to travel from one end of our solar system to the other (impossible in one man’s lifetime), then try to imagine traveling from one end of a galaxy to the next. Since galaxies can contain billions of stars, it is difficult to imagine, isn’t it? Those stars in a galaxy are separated by millions or billions of light years distance. Let’s start again. A solar system would take perhaps many lifetimes to travel even at the speed of light. There are probably millions or billions of solar systems in our galaxy. There are probably millions or billions of galaxies. The universe is almost endless. Our minds aren’t capable of even imagining what is in our own solar system, a mere spec of dust in a super monster of rock, fire, water, and gas. If there are trillions or more of planets and/or solar systems in the Universe, how many unanswered questions do we have about the Universe? Since mankind has been on earth, how many questions have we answered for ourselves? Of those we answered, how many do we know are completely accurate? Do we know if the smartest man who ever lived on earth was intelligent? If he was intelligent, how do we measure his intelligence and who do we compare him to? INNER-FEELING One thing unique to each of us is a strange feeling within our hearts or souls that seems out of place. Perhaps we feel it once in a while or perhaps we feel it often but we feel it at least once in our lifetime. We would probably know what feeling is about to be briefly discussed without mentioning it because anyone who is brave enough to admit it would be able to identify with the feeling. It is the feeling that has caused many of us and our ancestors to look up to the sky at night, at the trillions or more stars. Perhaps that is why there are people who love astrology. Have we us found ourselves walking alone at night and asking ourselves, why? Often we can only think or ask ourselves the “why” but we can’t complete the question…why…? Why are our hearts or souls, perhaps; it is just our souls, only half full or empty? If we are really so intelligent, why do we ask why? Do we have some sort of psychological problem if we constantly ask why and can’t fill our souls? If we knew how to fill our souls, would we fill them or would we prefer to continually ask why? Throughout history mankind has tried to find ways to fill his soul but without success. People throughout history have tried to fill their souls by entertaining the two strongest desires of any animal, food and sex. People of wealth dined on large amounts of foods in order to fill their stomachs and souls. It is believed that the Romans ate until they became sick, then after becoming sick, continued their feast. The Romans like several peoples probably ate certain foods they believed would be magical for the soul. Some of those “magical” foods were indigestible and some actually caused sickness and/or death. Food can fill the belly temporarily but cannot fill the soul. Rich men throughout history have accumulated scores of and sometimes hundreds of wives and mistresses in order to try and fill their empty souls. Neither man nor woman was ever able to fulfill their souls through sexual gratification. Power has always been used as an attempt to fill the soul. Unlike certain ways which are temporarily gratifying, love of power is different. Love of power is somewhat sadistic. Love of power has a very slight stuffy, almost choking feeling that causes one to force himself or herself to enjoy. The more one uses power the more one becomes addicted to it. The more addicted one becomes, the more power one seeks. The painful and unsatiable thirst for power, drains the soul instead of filling it. There are others who prefer to just forget about the emptiness of their souls. The most direct and easiest way to attempt to escape from reality is through drugs and alcohol. Illegal drugs may be tried by first starting out with a simple stimulant then later, experimenting with something stronger until the person becomes physically and psychologically enslaved. Usually those who resort to drugs do so to try and forget the emptiness of their souls. They end up with very empty souls and a terrible life of addiction. Less dangerous ways are attempted to fill one’s soul. In a venture to fill the emptiness of their souls or to forget the emptiness, many try other diversions. Those with athletic abilities in their youth eat and sleep sports until they become very good. They absorb themselves with sports and certain people actually reach a target goal. Once they reach the goal or become too old to pursue their goal, they find that their souls become or seem emptier than before. At that time, many athletes try other ways to fill their souls, such as with alcohol or drugs. Many people work incredible hours each day to try to fill their souls or to forget about the emptiness of their souls. Excess work can easily destroy an individual and the associated family of the individual. Others just watch sports and become psychologically addicted to them but their souls remain empty. There are those who try to fill their souls in a more natural way. Another way to try to fill the emptiness of the soul is to marry someone since there is usually real love in many marriages. But the love shared in a marriage is an incomplete love, especially to the person who has high expectations that the love will fill the emptiness of his or her soul. When marriage cannot fill the emptiness, many think re-marriage can be the answer. Divorce after divorce and marriage after marriage occurs only to result in the deep empty feeling, even deeper. Another way to use a human substitute to attempt to fill the emptiness of the soul is to have or adopt a child. While the love for a child is very great indeed, it cannot even come close to filling the emptiness of a soul. Those who seek to use a child’ s love to fill the emptiness of their souls, find that the love for a child is only a small fraction of what they need. Unconsciously, they look for more ways for the child to fill the emptiness of their soul. Because the love for a child does not alone fill the emptiness of the soul; parents often, unconsciously feel hurt, disappointed, and guilty. Parents often also feel that the partial happiness brought to them by the child may be only temporary. Deep inside, they fear the loss of even the love for the child. Like a dying tiny flame in a fireplace on a cold dark night, they try to feed the flame to maintain the small amount of warmth in their soul. Their primary reaction is to try to keep the child happy so that they (the parents) can avoid feeling the emptiness. So, they give the child anything he or she wants. They give the child more food than it needs, more toys than it can play with, its own television and computer, and more freedom than it needs. The child becomes spoiled and its life is partially destroyed because he or she can’t even make his or her own independent decisions in life. Now both the parents and the child feels as if the emptiness of their souls is emptier. For thousands of years we have been searching for ways to fill the emptiness of our souls. While we will never be able to completely fill the emptiness of our souls on earth, we are able to fill our souls enough to get by. The answer has been within our reach for as long as man has been on earth. A lot of people may scoff at the answer to fill our souls but that is to be expected. Even the attempted ways to fill our souls with real love, such as that of a beautiful child, fail. We can’t replace the space in our souls with drugs, sexual gratification, sports, love of power, or anything on earth. God created the emptiness of our souls so that only He can fill it. If we search for thousands of years more on earth for a substitute for God to fill the emptiness of our souls, we will be no closer than we are now. Make no mistake, there are those who claim that they have filled their souls and they preach about God and sophistically say phrases with the words, God and Lord in them. At the same time they don’t practice what they preach, they do the opposite of God’s will. These types of people are nothing but liars and hypocrites and are responsible for turning off many people to God. There are also non-religious people who distract people from God. Many psychologists offer their own solutions as to what the origin to and solution is to the emptiness of our souls. Basically, Sigmund Freud’s psychological theories stated that sex is the answer to life’s problems. He like many psychologists and psychiatrists claimed that God did not exist. Freud and most psychologists and psychiatrists did not or do not fully or even partially address the emptiness of our souls, possibly because they are too arrogant and think too highly of themselves to admit to God’s existence. We all have to be very cautious of people in this world who are professional talkers; i.e. those who by profession or by experience know how to dupe the average person. These “professional” talkers usually talk in a very calm, convincing, and soothing manner. We often hear stories how some of these types of profession talkers (non-psychologists) are so smooth in their mannerisms and speech that they con elderly (especially) people out of their life savings. These professional con artists have the ability to twist and manipulate any truth so that they can convince their victims to believe lies. The art of sophisticated speech is found in both con artists and in many psychologists and psychiatrists. The Old Testament describes these types of people: “…There is a man that is subtle and a teacher of many, and yet is unprofitable to his own soul.” Ecclus. 37: 21. “He that speaketh sophistically, is hateful: he shall be destitute of everything.” Ecclus. 37: 23. “There is an exquisite subtlety, and the same is unjust. And there is one that uttereth an exact word telling the truth. There is one that humbleth himself wickedly, and his interior is full of deceit.” Ecclus. 19: 22, 23. We must put aside the things mainstream society dictates to us about how we should live and think. Instead we should consider the peculiar inner feeling within ourselves as the search for the existence of God and live accordingly. EXISTENCE OF GOD “I beseech thee, my son, look upon heaven and earth, and all that is in them: and consider that God made them out of nothing, and mankind also” 2 Mach. 7:28. “For in him were all things created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or dominations, or principalities, or powers; all things were created by him and in him. And he is before all, and by him all things consist.” Col. 1: 16, 17. “By faith we understand that the world was framed by the word of God; that from invisible things visible things might be made.” Heb. 11: 3. Faith is belief without question because we feel it in our hearts and souls. It is a trust or confidence in something or someone, such as a little girl might have in her father. Faith in God is a trust, confidence or belief without question in the Creator of the Universe, partially because nothing else can explain the mysteries of the Universe. Millions witnessed the first landing on the moon in the 1960s. Most in the United States had small or medium size black and white televisions. On the east coast of the United States, the landing occurred some time toward early or mid evening. There was a sense of pride when the astronauts bounced around on the low gravity surface of the moon. The phrase, “one giant step for man” gave many of us goose bumps on our arms. Very few of us had any doubts that mankind successfully landed on the moon. The scene of astronauts landing on the moon was taken by cameras and could have been taken anywhere on earth that was made to look just like we believed the moon would look like. We did not consider that the government of the United States could have staged it for political reasons or for some other propaganda purposes. Neither did we consider that only a little over a decade before, the United States could not even put a ball-sized satellite in orbit like the Russians did. We had faith in the U.S. Government because we wanted to believe. On the other hand, imagine how many mothers during World War II were informed that one or more of their sons were killed in action, somewhere near Japan, Europe, or Russia. There’s nothing like losing a child, the sadness can certainly be unbearable. Out of the millions of young men who were killed during World War II, how many thousands of mothers, because they were so overwhelmed, did not believe the report they received from the military about their dear sons? In that case, the mothers didn’t believe what they were told about their son’s death, even if witnessed by other military persons. These truths were not believed due to willful intentions, deep in the unconscious thoughts of the mothers. Out of billions of people on earth, how many do not believe in God? Perhaps half the world or more? Surely God does not fit the test of modern science. Science seems to always challenge the existence of God. It doesn’t take a scientist to deny God, though. Many say that God is created in the minds of men. Many laugh at the notion of Heaven and Hell. One might question God’s ability to create the Universe in six days. Would it be easier to believe if God created it in an instant? People laugh at the biblical writing about the parting of the Red Sea. Well, how difficult could that be for God who created the Universe? God didn’t cure diseases or raise the dead since it is unscientific, some say. And how difficult would it be for God to cure diseases and raise the dead if He could part the Red Sea? In retrospect, miracles like the parting of the Red Sea, raising from the dead, and curing disease are very minor accomplishments of God who created the Universe and all that is in it. What is science but a tiny collection of man’s thoughts, some right, some wrong, some yet to be proven wrong. Science is basically a collection of theories. A theory is a hypothetical set of facts. A hypothesis is nothing but a tentative assumption which is kind of like a good guess. Overall, science is NOT a static set of theories but is constantly being revised by none other than man himself. Much of mankind feels that it can support itself without God. It feels so much self pride that it turns pride into hate against God. Much of mankind is very rebellious against his creator. This rebellion was captured thousands of years ago. “Thus saith the Lord: Stand ye on the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, which is the good way, and walk ye in it: and you shall find refreshment for your souls. And they said: We will not walk. And I appointed a watchmen over you, saying: Hearken ye to the sound of the trumpet. And they said: We will not hearken.” Jer. 6: 16, 17. The Lord is not of human flesh. Our minds can never understand His greatness and awesome power. The Lord our God is almighty, omnipotent (knows all), omnipresence, omniscience, supernatural being who created the Universe and everything in it. We often pretend to begin to understand the Universe. We have nature and science shows on television that explain a tiny bit of our natural world. The authors of those shows often stand in front of the TV cameras and talk AT us as if they were some sort of super-authority of science. Many of us being fairly ignorant of the science we watch, buy into their authoritarian speeches. Mankind knows so little about anything even though he thinks he does. If he did know much, we would be extremely advanced. Instead the world as a whole is primitive spiritually and technologically. If mankind cannot begin to understand the mysteries of the Universe, how can he begin to understand the mysteries of God, the almighty who created the Universe? If we suppose that the Universe had a beginning and was not created by God but by nature, how do we suppose any type of physical material like gases or minerals came to be? The Big Band Theory of the creation of the Universe says nothing about where the materials came from before there was a bang. All material had to have a beginning. If all materials or any materials were not created in the beginning of the Universe, how could one justify something that has no beginning and has no end? Science states the Universe has a beginning and that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. Obviously this logic relates to the fact that we know no way to create or destroy matter. Even so, how can this statement be explained scientifically, since it states that there is no beginning (it can’t be created) and there is no end (it can’t be destroyed)? The statements are a contradiction. How can anyone say that there is no God or that God is not scientifically possible? Science will tell you that God cannot exist because He must have a beginning and have an end. But science has already said that matter has no beginning (cannot be created) and has no end (cannot be destroyed). Truly, science is selective in its arrogant choice of beliefs. This type of selection is not scientific at all. Atheists and agnostics have constantly said that mankind creates God within the mind so as to satisfy a psychological need of some sort of order or for some purpose in life. Directly or indirectly, people are told that religion is nothing but imagination. Carl Marx used a more colorful way to express this by using the euphemism, “religion is the opiate of the people.” Marx meant that he believed that people follow a religion for a psychological craving and get addicted by it then return for more because they are hooked. Carl Marx created the theory behind Communism which was a disaster in Russia. The same people who say there is no God are those who say that we evolved through a purely scientifically way from one celled beings, and through billions of years, evolved into human beings. The entire concept of man creating God is more than over simplistic or unrealistic. Adopting this type of purely scientific theory was developed and is sternly believed by a lot of egotistic, arrogant people who feel that their intelligence is one of the highest in the Universe. These people don’t even have any solid scientific evidence for this claim against the real God. It must be remembered that in science, scientists fight over who will be renowned as the first to present a specific theory and that’s egotistic and arrogant. People who claim that God was created in the imagination of people usually are angry when they make these claims against God. This anger really only shows that they are uncertain and have an unspoken statement which they likely feel as, “who do they think they are, challenging me, since I have one of the highest intelligence’s in the Universe?” These people are too afraid or are too lazy to test their own theory or concept against science. If there was an evolutionary link of animals from a single cell leading up to a line to include chimpanzees or gorillas, then to man, they should be able to show proof of animals other than man of having some sort of god worship, since they imply that mankind invents God. Even if man has a higher brain than chimps, there should be some evidence between man and chimps like there is with chimps using tools. Humans have souls and chimps and apes don’t. Through our souls, God implants (in everyone of us) the feeling of or the searching of His presence. Psychologists have been searching for so long to find out why we have an empty feeling inside of us. Psychologists are like scientists in that they only seek modern explorations of science to explain their theories and are blinded by their egotistic ways. The empty feeling or void in our souls is more than a search for a good friend or good mate, it is a loneliness for God Himself. This supernatural love for God causes us to gaze at the stars in the sky in wondrous awe. It causes some of us to spend our lives wandering from place to place without a place to call home. It causes some of us to doubt their love for their spouse or friend. It causes some of us to search for “something” through poetry. As we try to fill the loneliness within ourselves, we long for acceptance in society. This emptiness manifests itself in so many ways because we long to fill the void in our souls. Many deny God, which makes the emptiness emptier. Through our souls we can verify the existence of God, like a mother who can somehow know how her child is feeling; it’s a natural feeling. No one on earth can completely fill the emptiness of their soul but when we understand more and accept its real meaning, it can be filled enough to thrive until our union with the Lord. The atheist, not the God fearing person makes up things and pretends in order to satisfy his or her existence on earth. GOD GIVES GRACE TO ALL God gives grace to all so that we can know and believe Him. Part of this grace is that we all have the laws of God etched in our hearts. “For the grace of God our Savior hath appeared to all men; Instructing us, that denying ungodliness and worldly desires, we should live soberly, and justly, and godly in this world” Titus. 2: 11, 12. God exists whether we know it or like it. Those who admit to God’s presence often feel Him in their hearts when He enters. It’s more than just a feeling in the heart but the feeling is one of completeness of belief and assurance. At times the belief might fade some but as long as the person is willing, it will return and flourish. Worldly goods, temptations, and pride can easily cause God’s presence to fade. At times, denial is common. Those people who feel God in them pass through temptations allowed by God so that they can be proven worthy of Him. They fall into temptations often and perhaps want to give up, and fall again, and perhaps want to cry, and fall again but get back up again. It’s important that after each fall, we must be sorrowful and vow to try again even if we fall again. “My brethren, count it all joy, when you shall fall into divers temptations; knowing that the trying of your faith worketh patience. And patience hath a perfect work; that you may be perfect and entire, failing at nothing.” James 1: 2-4. These types of people accept God and acknowledge Him in their hearts. A second group of people, a rather large group, acknowledges God in their hearts but melt away as does a late spring snow in the heat of the sun. These people want God but love pride and material things much more. They want control of their own world and lack self control. They want to live their lives the way they choose. Often one can see these people as appearing religious on the outside. Sometimes they preach to others about God and turn around and disobey His laws in a very conscious way. They try to make excuses for doing everything they do against the laws of God in order to try and trick their own minds into believing the wrong they do is right. Often they become angry when someone else challenges them of their hypocrisy. They spend a lifetime manipulating the laws of God that are etched in their hearts so they can have ultimate control of their lives. This allows them to entertain their own desires and still be able to try to convince themselves that they “worship God”. They even accept the evil done by others and say that it is not their problem, nor their sin, and “each to his own.” This acceptance is consent to another person’s sin and it is very serious. “Who having know the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.” Rom. 1: 32. These people have what could be termed a god of convenience. This type of person who worships God only when it is convenient is found in all walks of life, such as laborers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, executives, office workers, and even ministers. A third group of people are just as bad as those who only worship God when it is convenient. These are the so called, atheists and sometimes refer to themselves as agnostics (which is really similar). In their case, nothing is convenient as far as worshiping God. They know that God exists and they purposefully make themselves enemies of God. In their minds, they block out any thoughts that might hint that God exists. Money, power, and lust are their golden calves which they worship. Worldly goods and desires are their only source of love and false wisdom is their bible. Truth is cast away and guilt can only be seen in the dry shimmering of their eyes. This complete block of spiritual reality allows them to become drunk in all of their hidden desires. These desires such as pedophile, incest, and homosexuality are often as dark as a rainy night and more perverted than one can imagine. The Lord states, “Go not after thy lusts, but turn away from thy will.” Ecclus. 18: 30. These people who live only for their own evil desires are very sad people. If one just watches and listens to such a person, it is easy to see and hear the deep emptiness and sadness within. This type of behavior should be discouraged, not encouraged by society. Those who pretend all their life to be children of God when convenient and those who live for only the dark and earthly desires of life should be discouraged and pitied since without repentance, forever will be their partner in the lonely and horrid pit of Hell. “…Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanliness to dishonor their own bodies among themselves.” Rom. 1: 24. Some of the grace God gives to us is our inborn ability to know right from wrong. Even though it’s inborn we have to constantly reinforce it within ourselves. OF RIGHT AND WRONG We all know right from wrong but instead of admitting the many wrongs we do, many of us just make excuses in order to justify our lifestyles. You don’t have to commit murder or rob a bank to do wrong. Neither do you have to go out of your way and feed a homeless man to do right. All things right and wrong come from the heart and soul. Many things we do right and wrong depend on the circumstance and many are obvious. One thing that is clear is that to do right takes considerable effort and to do wrong is much easier. Those who do wrong on earth comprise 100 % of the world’s population of those mentally capable of voluntary conscious thoughts. Wrongfulness is immoral and immorality is a sin. Many find excuse upon excuse to try to justify a wrongful act or thought. “I didn’t think it would matter.” “He did it to me first.” “That will teach her.” “I can’t help it.” “I only took a dollar.” “Everyone else does it.” “It’s part of life.” “What do you mean, it’s a sin?” These are only a few examples of the many excuses that are given to try and justify wrongful deeds or thoughts. Mal intentions are also wrong. Some mal intentions include the following: ongoing plans in the mind to somehow destroy someone; talking to someone as if he or she is inferior; publically humiliating someone; and supporting a person or an idea who/that is morally corrupt. Supporting a morally corrupt person or idea is wrong and termed guilt by association. Guilt by association means more than being an accomplice to a bank robbery or a murder. When a person supports a morally corrupt law or standard in his or her own country or another country, he or she is guilty of a sin by association. “Impose not hands lightly upon any man, neither be partaker of other men’s sin…” 1 Tim. 5: 22. Another profound wrong is injustice. Injustice is one of the many noticeable and profound wrongs on earth. “Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God.” Cor. 6: 9 Injustices are committed by individuals and society. Individual wrongs are those attributable to actions, thoughts, or intentions of individual people. Some of these can be clearly seen, some cannot. An individual can be a mother, father, sibling, relative, friend, enemy, or really, any person. Wrongs can be conscious or semi-conscious, by words or deeds. Wrongs can be well planned, not so well planned or done in the spur of the moment. An individual often shares a wrong with one or more person. Most of our wrongs affect other people. Examples of obvious wrongs committed by individuals are: stealing, murder, rape, discrimination, uncontrolled anger, gossip, cheating, and cursing. It’s difficult for a person to deny the obvious wrongs he or she does. Some examples of not-so-obvious wrongs often denied by people are: entertaining thoughts of lust, cheating on taxes, staying neutral on or siding with immoral issues, not properly disciplining children, homosexuality, abortion, treating someone as inferior, ignoring the poor, and contributing to wrongs done by society to society. Of course, many will deny some of the not-so-obvious wrongs with their custom-made justifications, such as, abortion is necessary to control the population or children don’t need discipline. All of these wrongs are wrongs that are spelled out as wrong in the Bible and ultimately offend God and certain people in society. The wrongs done by society effect more people than do wrongs done by individuals. Major players in society are governments, organizations, or entities (which is usually corporations or the like.) The wrongs committed by these people are often enormous. Usually only governments are known to commit or attempt to commit genocide, massive human suffering or slaughter; human experiments; pillaging national assets; and the like. There are many examples of governments of developed nations that are guilty of horrendous evils to society. When a government stands by while another nation is torn apart by massive murder, rape, and human torture, it’s wrong and evil. When a large corporation raises prices unnecessarily on items that are basic to human welfare and this results in hunger or pain while the government does not speak up; it’s not free enterprise, it’s wrong and evil. When a government passes laws to legalize abortion; it’s not human rights, it’s wrong and evil. When a government encourages homosexuality by allowing it to be taught in school; it’s not being diverse, it’s wrong and evil. When a government passes laws that favor large industry while the effects of the laws hurt people; it’s not the system; it’s wrong and evil. Organizations also do their share of wrong. When a church supports a political candidate who represents one or more major immoral issues; it’s not endorsement, it’s wrong and evil. When a group excludes from a certain membership a certain type of people because of hatred; it’s not a private matter, it’s wrong and evil. When an organization contributes to a political candidate so that the elected politician will vote for a bill in exclusive favor of their organization; it’s not a legal matter; it’s wrong and evil. Large industry consistently commits very deep and serious wrongs that affect not only people of a region but the world as a whole. Drug companies contribute much to society from the many useful drugs they produce, such as heart medications, thyroid medications, and pain medications. From profits we should expect that they should be able to reasonably pay dividends to their stock holders and be able to fund research for new drugs. With many major drug companies there is a great deal of wrong. Usually the actions of drug companies stay within federal or state laws. When drug companies help draft some of the laws that affect their own industry and contribute to coffers of politicians in order to get those laws passed, staying within the law is easy. Often drug companies are responsible for charging so much for even their basic drugs that many senior citizens either skip doses, cut the doses in half or go without proper nutrition. Drug companies through multi-billion dollar advertizement, psychologically twist the minds of the public. They manipulate the public and sell expensive and much of the time, unnecessary drugs. It’s easy to understand how this type of manipulation works when comparing it to advertizing to children in regard to toys and breakfast cereals. Drug companies are responsible; in some cases, for supporting abortion and premarital sex among children. Finally, drug companies spend more paying doctors to promote their products than on standard advertisements. It’s not just manipulation, it’s wrong and evil. Another sham of large industry is when an oil company creates artificially high prices by not stock piling oil in reserves as needed and that manipulation slows the production of gas from oil and the prices of gas and oil rise. These types of manipulations of the oil supply not only raises the gasoline and oil prices but influences and helps create a world food crises. It is said that stock market speculators manipulate the stock market by bidding oil stocks up and when the stock drops, their distant associates buy-in and wait for speculators to bid high so associates who bought low can sell high. Once this seesaw stock market obtains motion, billions upon billions of dollars are made by a relatively small group of people while billions of people are hurt. This is similar to someone putting their own car in an auction to make a profit on it. When the auction starts, they bid on their own car so as to raise the price of it and increase their profit. It’s not free enterprise, it’s wrong and evil, especially since it potentially hurts the world’s population and only profits a hand full of very wealthy people. Many of us truly ignore God’s gift of the knowledge of right and wrong. In addition to the inborn knowledge of right and wrong, God has given us the beautiful gift of motherhood and children. MOTHERHOOD In the human family, the most important job that ever was and ever will be is the job of a mother. Yet, for some women who want to be part of society’s elite club, they either decide not to have children or to delay children until their outside careers are finished. In any case, there are women who do not make children a priority; women elitism is far more important. These women virtually ignore the inner drive to have children. Humans and all other animals share God’s gift of motherhood. Some humans deny motherhood but all other animals display nature’s compassion and meticulous skill in the care of their children. One only has to watch a mother cat or dog to see how animals orchestrate God’s gift of motherhood. In the animal kingdom, mothers do almost anything for their young including, feeding, cleaning, training, and protecting them. Typically mother cats lick clean the coats of their young. Dogs and cats and other animals provide natural milk for their young and train their young to find their own food when they can longer provide them milk. The powerful inborn drive of motherhood helps create a more or less docile female with a burning love for her children. When danger is posed to her young, the docile mother turns quickly into a ferocious beast that is willing to die attempting to protect her young. If that weren’t enough love, the mother of certain animals will sense, at times, a young animal of another species that has no living mother and needs care. She will accept the young from another species as her own. This natural drive almost seems unnatural at times. All women have the same God given gift of motherhood. From a very young age to a very old age, human females have the natural ability to be mothers. Young girls don’t want to play with dolls just because society influences them to do so; it comes from the heart and soul. Before childbearing years, a young girl has dreams and feelings of children and a family. Some thoughts will be conscious and some unconscious. Young girls are often found playing house and enjoy games that are child and family orientated. When girls finally have children, those who are psychologically stable take care of every detail of their child’s life. The mother will watch her children from sunrise to sunset, then make sure that they are tucked in bed and secure. When food is scarce, she will only feed her child even if she ends up starving in order to protect the child. This gift of children is pronounced in Psalm 126:3, “Behold, the inheritance of the Lord, are children: the reward, the fruit of the womb”. A true story of how strong motherhood is, is found in the third Book of Kings, in the Old Testament, third chapter. King Solomon displayed his God given wisdom when two women came to him with a situation to solve. The first woman had lost her infant when she accidentally slept on the child. The woman who lost her child, by accidental death, took the child from a second woman while she slept and replaced it with the dead infant. They both went before King Solomon and argued that each had proper ownership of the live child. In order to resolve the issue, the king took a sword and said that the child would be divided and a half would be given to each woman. The second woman, the mother of the living child said, “I beseech you, my lord, give her the child.” The first woman who replaced the dead child for the living child agreed with the king to divide the child with the sword and said, “Let it be neither mind nor thine but divide it.” The great King Solomon decided to find out who the real mother was of the living child. King Solomon found out the real mother when the real mother of the living child would do anything for the child, even if it meant giving it away in order to save its life. So, King Solomon then gave the living child to the real mother. This incredible story is exemplification of the powerful gift of motherhood given by God. The human female has a very strong motherhood drive. The strength of this drive can be noticed at times, when certain women steal a child from another woman. Humans are not much different than animals in regard to motherhood except that humans have a soul and can reason. Reasoning is often manipulated in the minds of people during extremes of life. Many women are proud to enter motherhood and proud to be mothers, some are not. Those who are not proud to be mothers are often those who tout some societal given or earned right to make a successful career a priority over raising children. Some probably even regard killing children by abortion as a success since they classify it as a right for women. These superwomen who forsake their souls and the souls of unborn children do not display the awesome wonder of natural mothers who are excellent caretakers and fine examples to children. When one decides that being part of an extreme movement of women’s lib is far more important than the lives and souls of children, we as a society must immediately regroup and rethink how and why we came down this path to self destruction. Considering the awesome amount of God given love for children, given to women, it’s horrifying how a woman (or a man) can ever consider abortion. ABORTION “Thou shalt not kill.” Exod. 20:13. “Six things there are which the Lord hateth, and the seventh, his soul detesteth: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood.” Prov. 6: 16,17. The cell from a man unites with a cell from a woman and produces a larger single cell. With the grace of God and the biological system of a woman, the one cell being forms into an embryo and quickly changes into the fetal stage of development. Whether in a united cell form, embryo, or fetal form, each cell of any number of cells builds up within itself. Each cell takes in nutrition, uses energy, expels wastes, and grows. Each is a living human cell. Within two weeks, the embryo begins to form bones, organs, skin, and the nervous system tissue. Within a month, the fetal heart begins to beat. During month two, fingers, toes, and major blood vessels begin to form. By month three, the heart can be detected. Soon a beautiful baby is born. That which grows within a woman is real and is living whether it is a one or two cell stage being or a being of months of gestation. The first pregnancy of a woman changes her life from a woman to a full mother. She may not show a smile all of the time but there is a glow on her face and a radiance within her that shows. She becomes somewhat dependent on others but very independent as a future mother. This change in her life allows her to realize even more than a man that, that which grows within her is very much alive. When society sees pregnancy as an economic burden or as an inconvenience to the woman and husband or just the woman, often an abortion is suggested to kill the living being within the woman. As many times as the question came up in the past as to when life was formed in a woman, scientists (and society) never gave an honest or concrete answer. What is it that society wants us to believe, that a fetus or embryo is lifeless or that there is no God? To destroy human life through an abortion is a very serious sin! Is what this society does regarding abortion much different than what Adolf Hitler ordered? In a figurative sense, it seems as if a man or woman would have to hold his or her hand over his or her heart and soul so that they can keep their heart and soul from seeing the evil that is within themselves in regard to an abortion. That’s horrible self deception. Society today would rather protect the feelings of a child molester and a homosexual than protect the life of an unborn child. Why? Many in society get upset with death sentences for murders on death-row. They worry of cruelty and the possible innocense of the accused. On the surface, these people appear to have high moral standards. There is another group of people who will never hurt an animal and go out of their way to protect an animal; some of these people will only eat vegetables. On the surface, these people appear to have high moral standards. Many of both groups are pro-abortion. What are these hypocrites thinking when they favor murderers and animals above innocent babies? The powerful lobbyists and feminists whom push abortion also successfully push others such as health care workers to promote abortion. This strengthens their cause to abort a living child. Wait a minute. Abort a living child? Who can disagree that a child that is aborted is alive? If it is not alive, it must be dead and if it is dead, was the mother carrying around a dead fetus? What kind of logic dictates to people to commit murder, destroying its own morals and sense of civility? Are we really cold hearted, soulless, even more wild than wild animals? What kind of woman would agree to have her unborn child murdered? What kind of force causes a man or woman to destroy their own young? Is this much different than genocide? Perhaps in the near future, a couple will be able to decide that their six month old child who is eating baby food is somehow an inferior being and destroy it by some sort of “gentle method” so the couple can ease their minds of the seriousness of the murder. Murder begets murder. Like a savage wolf, once an evil man or woman tastes blood, he or she craves more blood. Euthanasia or mercer killing of the young and old may quickly rival abortion. “Deliver me from blood, O God, thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall extol thy justice.” Ps. 50:16. There is a modern parable that goes like this: A man was on his knees and was praying to God for answers. The man was depressed about the world situation. He said, “Lord, why is there so much hunger? Lord, why is there so much violence? Lord, why is there so much sickness?” Then the Lord answered the man. “I sent a person down to you who could have coordinated an effort to feed the world but he was aborted. I sent a person down to you who could have brought peace to the world but he was aborted. I sent a person down to you who knew how to cure every disease but he was aborted.” We really don’t know better than God. Decisions without God are disastrous. Even our decisions to withhold discipline from children are bad decisions. CHILD DISCIPLINE What happens when a child grows up overprotected from the experience of pain and suffering? As a result of growing up with very little suffering as a child, when reaching adulthood, he or she will suffer much more. The child will have poor adaptation in adult life. As far as protecting children from every small common illness or problem, it can be compared to the 1950’s movie, War of The Worlds, by Orson Wells. In War of The Worlds, the invaders from outer space were far superior to humans on earth in intelligence and technology. The invaders grew up in a world much different from the earth. As smart and as superior as the invaders were, they were not adapted to the earth’s germs. And so, their “overprotection” of disease caused their immune systems to fail. Their systems were not able to cope with the simple germs the people of earth dealt with did, on a daily basis. This type of physical adaptation can be compared to the mental adaptation that today’s children lack. Overprotection from minor discipline can cause any child to develop poorly and create anger, hostility toward their fellow man, and this can ultimately cause destruction of society. Mainstream society dupes many of us in believing that it is not natural for a child to have much aggression and if the child is at all aggressive or appears to have too much energy, the child suffers from some sort of mental condition. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out by watching young animals in nature, that abundant energy and aggression is the norm, which is usually gone by adulthood. In decades past, abundant energy and aggression in young children has always been accepted as the norm. In reality, in most cases, the only real illness a child has who exhibits abundant energy and aggression and becomes out of control is the disease of, “lack of discipline”. Of course, pharmaceutical companies also want to sell their drugs. When parents don’t discipline their child and become frustrated with the child’s behavior, they take the child to a psychiatrist or another medical doctor. Not so deep inside the parents know that the child needs some sort of discipline but they won’t go against societal norms. The parents also may want someone else to share their guilt for not disciplining their children, so they have the child evaluated. The psychiatrist or other medical doctor often is happy to provide the parents with prescription narcotics. In that way the psychiatrist or MD has a steady flow of patients. Unnecessary narcotics given to a child may cause damage to his or her organ system later in life since organs like the liver and immune system take years to fully develop. When a child takes narcotics unnecessarily, often the parents unconsciously want a less troublesome child. The child becomes like some sort of ideal small being that is more pleasing to their parents. Another word for a parent who unnecessarily gives his or her child drugs to calm the child down instead of proper discipline is “lazy” and another is “selfish”. Proper discipline can usually help a child grow in mind and body. Even animals discipline their young, something all parents should find second nature. It should not be difficult to see how children are basically the same as adults. Children like adults are born with a God given ability to know right from wrong but we all need guidance. Children do a lot of things wrong, mostly minor errors. They need someone to direct them. From a very young age until they leave their parents, children need parental guidance to correct their errors. Children need to build a foundation of what is right and what is wrong. The foundation is needed to avoid future great errors like theft, domestic violence, rape, and murder. Later in life children may also commit major white collar crime, which can be just as bad as crime such as theft because it often injures many people in its path. Without discipline from parents to guide children, children will build mistake on mistake and the resulting set of mistakes will be quite destructive. It shouldn’t be forgotten that since children seek guidance from parents, when this guidance is not given, children rebel even more than normal. It’s more than unfair or selfish to withhold proper discipline from a child; it is a horrible crime against society, the children themselves, and more, it is a sin against God. Proper discipline does not include abuse. Spanking a child is not abuse, no matter who says it is. Spanking a child briskly when he or she needs it has worked well for parents and children for many thousands of years. Disciplining children is merely a necessary modification of our love for children. Good nurturing consists of both extra love in times of assurance to a child and the act of turning love down to administer proper and needed discipline. In today’s world, society has manipulated the very fiber of child nurturing. Society has manipulated the very fiber of child nurturing by making discipline of children a punishable crime. There are sick and devious people out there who go way out of bounds and really abuse children, though. These people, in times of stress, turn their love completely off when they discipline children and some are so sick that they have no measurable love. They are a small minority of people who should be punished for their wicked ways. As a whole, most parents are not that way. Because society dictates that children should not be disciplined based on the small percent of people who truly abuse children, it creates an endless cycle of undisciplined and under-loved children. In a sense, society, by dictating that there is to be no discipline of children, creates child abuse. The longer a child has no or too little discipline, the worse he or she gets. An example of this is a two year old child who wants his own way. The longer the child doesn’t receive discipline, the louder he screams. Following a long time of screaming at a parent and the parent doing virtually nothing, the parent’s stress tolerance breaks down. Something finally gives, usually the parent. The stressed parent, already stressed from economic pressures, a job, marital problems, etc. loses control and abuses the child. Sometimes the child abuses the parent. Parents should not wait too late to discipline their children. There is no excuse for abusing children, even when stressed. Walk away before you take action if you are too stressed. The golden rule of society is to not rule your children. Society seems to liken mild discipline of a child with something like breaking a limb. Children need and crave proper discipline from their parents. True love of children is also proper discipline of them. Discipline along with guidance directs a child to know right from wrong. Too much love without discipline destroys not only morals of children but society itself. When you destroy the morals of children, you destroy the future of the world. In a material world we should be able to determine what material is right and which is wrong. At least as for back as the 1960s, society has demanded that children receive material love and no real proper discipline which is part of love. This push to destroy our children has more of an anti-religion and anti-family basis than a pro-child bases. Many parents are responsible for deepening the empty and lonely feeling in their children by discouraging and denying them access to learning about God. Many children today are not allowed to make a decision as to accept God or not. Their parents deny this freedom. Only a fascist society would deny its children the opportunity to learn about God. Like a bunch of ruthless dictators, many parents shove atheism down the throats of their children. In this type of atheist system, people create their own idol worship by making executives of giant oil companies or other industrial leaders, their golden calves. Then they teach their children this type of pagan concept. These parents risk the loss of their own souls as well as the souls of their children. Parents should realize the seriousness of denying God to their children. Jesus explained the seriousness of it in Matthew 18:6, “…he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Coupled with a lack of discipline and a lack of God, our children will rule the world as merciless and savage beasts who will not stop in ruthlessness, even when the world is lying in pain and agony. A few points to remember about denying children discipline and the choice to accept or deny God is that without both, our children are headed for a very chaotic life in a savage world. Like adults, children who experience a very deep emptiness within, will attempt to fill the emptiness with anything on earth. Eventually, children will try excess food; violence, excess sports, devious sexual behavior, every possible material object, an attempt to gain ruthless power over others, and just about anything when all fails in order to fill the emptiness within. You can’t wait too late for discipline. To give a child discipline takes effort. It takes self control on the parent’s part. And it takes patients, hard work and self denial. It is difficult but necessary to give a child discipline. A child needs discipline so that it can grow up with self control, confidence, autonomy, and integrity. When a parent withholds discipline of a child because it is too difficult for the parent or because in reality, the parent does not want the uncomfortable feeling of seeing the child a little sad for a short while, the parent is very wrong. In this case, the parent is saving himself or herself from a little pain but in the long run, is destroying the child. The parent who withholds discipline in these circumstances is doing so because of laziness and selfishness. Child discipline must be accompanied by the love and fear of God. This must be done from the beginning to the end of childhood. With God’s grace, our love, discipline, and hope, children can have successful adult lives. Children must prepare for rough times in their lives and should not lose hope. “…but we glory also in tribulation, knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, trial; and trial, hope; And hope confoundeth not: because the charity of God is poured forth in our hearts, by the Holy Ghost, who is given to us.” Rom. 5: 3-5. Without hope, children have nothing to live for, not even for themselves. Teaching children at an early age about God is the main thing to do; give the child a choice. Proper discipline is also necessary. Discipline should be different for different children and different age groups. Don’t forget that children with true psychological conditions must be disciplined very carefully and also treated for the psychological condition. When a very young child needs discipline, a firm voice may only be needed. A two year old may only need a tap on the butt. A five year old may need a firm spanking to let him or her know who is the boss. Never hit a child with any kind of damaging force. Girls will often respond better than boys to voice commands. After a child becomes a young teenager, discipline is better carried out by restricting privileges. Parents are the parents of their own children and no government agency or group should ever interfere with proper discipline as long as there is no real abuse. TEENAGE SUICIDE A beautiful smile, tender skin, tiny arms, and innocent look, are memories of a small baby. These are beauties greater than any magnificent flower or painting. Some fathers describe the witnessing of the birth of their son or daughter as the greatest “high on earth”. No one can appreciate children as much as a mother or father. One doesn’t have to be a mother or father to understand how they would be broken apart when they learn that their child has taken his or her life in well planned suicide. Everything that goes through the parent’s minds when he or she loses his or her child to suicide cannot be written down on paper. The remembrance of taking care of their child since a tiny baby and all the glorious memories of the mistakes, the rights, the laughter, and sadness of the child must be all part of the thoughts of parents of a suicide victim. Although teenage suicide has been around for quite some time, the startling massive amount of suicide has not been. Worse yet is that many if not most of those suicides could have been prevented. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that among children, adolescents, and young adults in the US between 1980 and 1992, over 67,000 (under the age of 25) committed suicide. The ages between 10 and 14 showed the greatest increase in the suicide rate. Some of the reasons the CDC listed as risk factors for suicide were related to peer pressure, drugs, loneliness, and other things which are “politically correct”. The CDC doesn’t even mention that lack of religion could be related to teenage suicide. It is sad that the CDC doesn’t mention lack of religion as a major risk factor related to suicide. It’s unconscionable not to mention the lack of religion as a main risk for suicide, especially since children’s lives are involved. In some states the rate of suicide among teenagers was much greater than the average. In Oregon, between about 1960 and 1998, the suicide rate tripled among 15 to 19 year old children. These children feel so sad, so hopeless, and have very little proper direction from anyone. Parents, instead of having deep conversations with their children, only converse in shallow form. Teenagers are pressured into premarital sex by society (which includes drug companies). Some teenagers listen to music that has direct references to murder and suicide. If society does not see life as precious but views life mainly on an economic valuing system (as it values the life of an unborn child), why then would a teenager think he or she has any value in society? Teenage loneliness is sited as a trigger for suicide as well as is the lack of loving words from parents, not enough direction from parents, and a feeling of emptiness. Who has time to spend quality time with their son or daughter when material things are more important? The home is no longer thought of as a place of stability from the chaos of life. It is merely a place to sleep, a place to spend hours on the internet, and a place to listen to shallow conversation and feel empty inside. So, what is wrong with the teenagers? What is wrong with today’s parents? What is wrong with today’s society? What’s wrong when about 5,000 or more teenagers end their own lives each year? It is even more than shocking that at least ten times those who actually take their lives, attempt suicide. The primary, underlying blame for teenage suicide is certainly not from the teenagers, it’s from the parents. It’s not really shocking that the blame starts with the parents. It’s also not unrealistic to say that instead of helping the situation, society fosters suicide. The government, acting as an integral part of society supports big business which pushes advertizement and propaganda targeted to teenagers so that the teenagers will buy certain products, watch certain television shows, and go to certain internet sites and basically become mentally clouded. The government by bowing to big money, is a large contributo

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